TO SEE RATES, PLEASE CLICK THE PICTURE ABOVE THIS BOX! Do you work long hours? Need to run some errands?  Have a young, rowdy pup that could do with more exercise or maybe a senior dog that needs more frequent potty breaks? During this time, a sitter will come take your best friend out for a leashed stroll around the neighborhood or supervised playtime in your backyard. Your canine will get focused exercise and we work with you on positively reinforcing the good behavior you want from your pet. 
15 Minutes
- a quick walk in the yard for a potty break 

- we'll freshen the water and give lots of TLC

- you'll receive a picture and update on the success of our walk

- best for single dog homes

- great for those long work days or senior pets

30 Minute Dog Walk
-  Depending on your preferences, a brisk walk or casual stroll for your pet around the neighborhood

-  In inclement weather or per your preference, playtime in backyard with focus on potty break and exercise

-  Freshen water

-  Provide treat ( per your instructions )

-  More focused attention and time to give your dog a nice break while you are gone

45 Minute Dog Walk
-  Everything you get with the 30 minute visit but more of it!

-  Great option for those dogs with lots of energy that could use plenty of time to run and stretch their legs

-  Best for homes with multiple dogs needing individual walking