For new clients, the main purpose of this service is for you to meet your primary sitter, provide us with information regarding your routine and pet's quirks, and gain access to our Easy Busy Pets software app and portal. While your sitter is getting to know you and your pets, we will also discuss access to your home. We require two keys, one to be kept by the sitter for the entirety of the booking and one to be kept at the office at all times. 
TO SEE RATES, PLEASE CLICK THE PICTURE ABOVE THIS BOX! Do you work long hours? Need to run some errands?  Have a young, rowdy pup that could do with more exercise or maybe a senior dog that needs more frequent potty breaks? During this time, a sitter will come take your best friend out for a leashed stroll around the neighborhood or supervised playtime in your backyard. Your canine will get focused exercise and we work with you on positively reinforcing the good behavior you want from your pet. 
TO SEE RATES, PLEASE CLICK THE PICTURE ABOVE THIS BOX! Need a vacation but have no one to care for your cat or dog?  Well, we have the solution!  We come to your home and provide personalized, loving care for all of your pets! Your dog or cat never have to be boarded in a strange, scary place, are more comfortable, and might not even notice you're gone we give them so much TLC!
FOR RATES, CLICK ON THE PICTURE ABOVE THIS BOX! Cats come in all sorts of personalities, but they all feel stressed to some degree or other when their owner is not home, especially for long periods.  Visits geared towards cats not only include the usual feeding, and watering of the cat as well as cleaning of the litterbox, but enrichment specifically geared for the cat.  Enrichment could be as simple as sitting quietly with a very timid, shy cat or as complicated as playing a variety of interactive games with your cat. This can make a much happier, relaxed feline when you return home. 
FOR RATES, CLICK ON THE PICTURE ABOVE THIS BOX! Pets come in all sizes, shapes and even environments!  Birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, and fish aquariums as well as reptiles are all popular pets these days, and with the pandemic, they have become even more popular. Many of these pets are actually pretty delicate and options for care are pretty limited. We offer experienced, knowledgeable care for all of these and more. Services can include cage or aquarium cleaning.  
FOR RATES, CLICK ON THE PICTURE ABOVE THIS BOX! Hobby farms are becoming more and more common these days, and often include various species such as horses, donkeys, chickens, and goats.  All of these animals require very specialized care and can be delicate or complicated.  Finding someone who knows, understands, and has experience with these species is at times, seemingly impossible. Our services extend to such animals and you can take that vacation you've always wanted and know that your animals are in safe hands! 
FOR RATES, CLICK ON THE PICTURE ABOVE THIS BOX! We require two working house keys which we will pick up at the initial meeting between the client and their primary sitter. Both will receive identification tags with the client's last name and first initial. We will not leave a key behind on the last visit but this service is for those who wish to request that we pick up or return a key. 
Need someone to transport your pet to the groomer or vet?  Pick them up after their appointment?  We do that as well as pick up supplies for you when your schedule is crazy busy or you are out of town.