FOR RATES, CLICK ON THE PICTURE ABOVE THIS BOX! Cats come in all sorts of personalities, but they all feel stressed to some degree or other when their owner is not home, especially for long periods.  Visits geared towards cats not only include the usual feeding, and watering of the cat as well as cleaning of the litterbox, but enrichment specifically geared for the cat.  Enrichment could be as simple as sitting quietly with a very timid, shy cat or as complicated as playing a variety of interactive games with your cat. This can make a much happier, relaxed feline when you return home. 
Cat Visit (In Pet Owner's Home)
-  Scheduled feeding and watering

-  Tending to your cat's specific needs such as administering medications

-  Litterbox cleaning and management

-  Kitty play time and snuggling

-  Cuddles and lots of TLC!

-  Providing quiet, calm companionship to 'scaredy-cats'